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5 Best Call Transcription Software You Need

Here’s a guide on the best call transcription software that are available in the market for you to transcribe meetings, audios, and videos in a fast and secure manner.

Thanks to the pandemic that disrupted the balance of the business world, more and more organizations are adopting remote and hybrid work models. As a result, voice calls and web conferences have become incorporated into our day-to-day activities as a means to carry out organizational tasks.

Thanks to the pandemic that disrupted the balance of the business world, more and more organizations are adopting remote and hybrid work models. As a result, voice calls and web conferences have become incorporated into our day-to-day activities as a means to carry out organizational tasks.

While these communication modi operandi have proven to be effective, it becomes a huge burden each time you have to go back to refer to certain aspects of your video records and worse still, when you have to manually transcribe huge audio files.

Perhaps, you’ve once been caught up in this mess, and the thought of eliminating that extra bit of work crossed your mind. Well, right about now, call transcription software is the perfect solution for you.

This hi-tech software automatically records and transcribes speech from virtual meetings, web conferences, and other video footage into texts while building insights on these conversations to enhance your decision-making process.

And on to the big question, how do you identify the best call transcription software amidst the plethora of transcription tools? Here, in this guide, we have highlighted the 5 best transcription services based on direct interactions.

Before coming up with our list of best call transcription software, here's something that might tickle your interest.

Secure your transcripts

As more and more organizations have adopted the hybrid work model, there's been an increasing need to alleviate organizational security to ensure that only authorized users have access to transcribed content.

As such, user provisioning comes into play as part of organizational access management practice. In simple terms, it is the act of managing user accounts and regulating user access rights within a data complex to protect sensitive organizational content.

For instance, after virtual board meetings, organizations can restrict access to transcribed video content, thereby making it accessible to only specific members of staff who are deserving of such sensitive information.

5 Best Transcription Software

1. Happy Scribe


It’s unsurprising to see Happy Scribe take the top spot in our list of best call transcription software. When you think of a professional all-in-one online transcription tool that is equipped with a wide range of unique features and budget-friendly pricing plans, you can bet on Happy Scribe.

  • Features and Benefits:
  • Happy Scribe audio-to-text converter comes with an audio recognition feature that allows you to automatically transcribe your files with an accuracy of up to 85%. Or better still, leverage their team of professional transcriptionists to add subtitles to your video files.
  • Additionally, you can worry less about inaccurate transcriptions as this AI-powered technology comes with a proofreader feature that automatically points out the sections it has issues translating correctly.
  • Furthermore, this hi-tech software features a staggering 119 widely spoken languages giving you the privilege of diversification. What more could you ask for?
  • Another cool feature is its transcribing and subtitling speed. It analyzes and converts audio and video files to texts within a short space of time while making transcripts and subtitles readily available.
  • For transcription and subtitle errors, Happy scribe promises an on-screen interactive editor where you can easily view and edit inconsistencies therein.
  • It also comes with sharing and collaborating features that make it easy for a third party to access your files whether they have an account or not. The fun part is that your files are completely secure and it becomes only accessible to others with your permission.

And the list goes on and on. It’s everything and more than you can ever imagine. Some other features include its speaker labels, playback controls, API integration, and auto-loop to name but a few.

For an all-around evaluation, Happy Scribe is suitable for freelancers and small to medium-sized businesses.

2. Rev


Rev is an AI tech and one of the best call transcription software you’ll ever come across. This speech-to-text tool is phenomenal for its ability to provide easy access to texts and subtitles, enhance workflow and streamline all collaboration projects.

  • Features and Benefits:
  • Rev is unmatched in its speed and accuracy. It guarantees an accuracy rate of up to 99%, bringing about a quick turnaround time for small and large businesses alike.
  • It comes with extensive file support that makes it easy to upload different formats of audio and video recordings ( such as MP3, AAC, WMV, M4A, and so on).
  • Another interesting feature is its mobile app recorder which is readily available on the app store. This feature allows you to record incoming and outgoing calls alike, as well as phone interviews and web conferences.

More to its recording feature, it also boasts a voice recorder app that is suitable for face-to-face interactions and integrates well with android and iOS mobile phones.

  • What’s more, It comes with a read-along tracking feature that harmonizes the text in the transcript with the audio and video files making it extremely easy to relate the text with the ongoing track.
  • With rev’s time stamps, you can keep track of your exact location in the transcript by highlighting certain phrases and texts.
  • Other intriguing features include its sharing and collaborative editing, audio trimmer, caption converter tool, and more.
  • Limitations:
  • Expensive pricing
  • Speakers in volumes make it tedious to copy and paste
  • The mobile app isn’t optimized for web subscriptions

3. Dragon


Dragon takes the third spot in our list of best call transcription software. This groundbreaking piece of technology is particularly built for medium and large-budget organizations.

  • Features and Benefits:
  • Dragon is an AI-powered tech that helps businesses create and edit files through live dictations. You can simply draft documents and emails with your voice making it faster than the usual typing process.
  • Talking of accuracy, dragon boasts of an impressive record accuracy rate and gets more clever with continuous usage.
  • It also comes with a rare feature that allows you to transcribe pre-existing audio records. This is particularly suitable for those tasked with taking meeting notes or interview transcriptions.
  • Dragon Professional integrates well with popular browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox, thereby allowing you to navigate through web pages with ease.
  • Another key feature of Dragon is its ability to expand its vocabulary pool. You can manually introduce new words or run new documents through its system.
  • Additional features include abbreviation detection, mobile access, transaction history, and synchronous editing.
  • Limitations: Despite being a high profile speech to text tool, dragon falls short in its
  • Unintuitive or rather outdated user interfaces
  • Poor recording transcription mode

4. Otter

Source has been remarkable ever since it came on board in 2016. This speech-to-text software is prominent among business and educational institutes due to its ability to transcribe meetings and generate a summary that can be used for collaborative activities.

  • Features and Benefits:
  • This hi-tech software provides you with real-time voice transcriptions and when you have to be absent from virtual meetings, it can be scheduled to automatically attend meetings and provide you with transcripts and live captions of what you missed. For example, if you have scheduled a meeting using a tool like Taggg and are running it, Otter can transcribe the entire meeting for you.
  • Talk of intuitiveness, Otter boasts of a user-friendly interface that makes it extremely easy to identify elements therein. In addition to its well-designed interface, a quick tutorial guide is available on the dashboard to help you through the fundamentals. 
  • Otter is versatile and optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. It has a mobile app and chrome extension and it excels well on the performance front with little waiting time and quick, accurate speech-to-text transcriptions.
  • It also comes with a speaker identification which allows it to automatically familiarize itself with specific voices. This allows you to refer back and quickly identify who said what during an event.
  • Another intriguing feature is its ability to transcribe imported audio and video content. It has a range of external file support which allows you to transcribe different file formats.
  • Similarly, Otter gives room for extra vocabulary which makes it adaptable to names, words, and acronyms that are particularly associated with your organization.
  • Otter integrates well with third-party software such as Microsoft teams, Zoom and Google Meet and as such can transcribe their meetings for you.
  • Other unique features include its outline panel, annotations, and TLS encryptions.
  • Limitations: Like any other tool out there, Otter comes with major setbacks
  • Poor accuracy rating for complicated complex audio records
  • Real-time transcriptions struggle to keep pace with actual human articulations

5. Fireflies


And finally, virtual assistant takes a spot in our ranking for the best call transcription software. Like Otter, fireflies also stormed the market in 2016 with an incredibly wide range of functionalities.

Features and Benefits:

  • This AI-powered tool integrates well with third-party meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. thereby allowing you to record and automatically transcribe meetings with ease.
  • In addition to its transcription feature, Fireflies provides you with automated meeting summaries that make it easy to grasp the intent of the entire online session without having to watch it again.
  • Furthermore, its recording feature is exceptional. It presents you with high-quality audio and video records which makes it easy to grasp every content of your missed events.
  • It comes with a search feature that allows you to jump to your desired section in the meeting while its toggle functionality increases the play speed at a rate of 0.25s.
  • One outstanding and unique feature of Fireflies is its Use Case performance which allows you to switch between meeting modes. Each of these modes comes with distinct attributes.

For instance: Education modes are specific for note taking while Sales mode focuses on what your customers want. While there are other modes, it all depends on your preferences.

  • Aside from a few words and pronunciations, its transcriptions are rated fairly accurate but in terms of punctuation, you can place your bet on it.
  • Limitations:
  • Unlike HappyScribe, Fireflies features only six languages
  • It doesn’t present you with acute summaries, only speech-to-text transcripts.

Finesse the Way

And that’s it! As more and more hi-tech call transcription software continues to surface, we’re beginning to see more advanced features that enhance our transcription experiences.

While each of these newer technologies tends to be an upgrade of older versions, many of the earlier versions have undergone a major transformation to withstand the test of time and you have such affirmation in our list of best call transcription software.

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