Getting Started

How Connections Work

Learn how to connect with your contacts so you can book instant group meetings.

Getting Started

Setting up your account

Here are the first things you should do to get the most out of your Taggg account.

Meeting Types

Bookable Links

Learn how to create a meeting link that can be shared with anyone to find a time to schedule a meeting with you.

Getting Started

Welcome to Taggg

Here is a quick overview of how Taggg works.


Zapier Integration

Connect Taggg to thousands of other apps with Zapier to take additional action when a meeting is scheduled or cancelled.

Meeting Types

BookNow Meetings

Learn how to book meetings instantly with connected contacts.


How to give pre-approval and integrate Zoom

Taggg integrates with your Zoom account to generate unique Zoom links. If you run into any errors installing Zoom in your account follow this guide...


Google Meet Integration

Google Meet automatically comes as a video conferencing option out of the box for all users that sign up with their Google account.

Get notified on new meeting scheduling advancements

Be the first to know about new ways to schedule and run better remote team meetings.