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How Connections Work

Learn how to connect with your contacts so you can book instant group meetings.


In this video you will learn how you can schedule group meetings instantly with multiple people without voting or polling. 

The power of Taggg starts with something we call Connections.


Connections are people that you have connected your calendars with privately and can now see available openings to meet with one another. Each of you can see only open spots on each others calendars but can’t see event details. 


A Connection can be someone inside or outside your organization, in a different time zone, or even using a different calendar platform like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook. 


Once you are connected with mulitple people then Taggg can crosscheck everyone’s availability at the same time so you can find a mutual time that works for everyone to meet. 


To get started go to Connections and click New Connection to send them an invite to connect. 


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