Bookable Links

Learn how to create a meeting link that can be shared with anyone to find a time to schedule a meeting with you.

What is a Bookable Link?

Bookable links are simply links you can send to anyone so they can easily find a time to meet with you. These links can also be embedded on your website so they can be booked by visitors, such as to schedule a demo. 

When is it best to use a Bookable Link?

With one person you are not connected with. 

Since Bookable links are used to send to people you are not connected with our embedded to have anyone schedule a meeting with you they are best for someone that is not a connected contact.

Types of Bookable Links



Personal Bookable Links are used to have anyone book a meeting with you directly.


Team Bookable Links allow you to add connected contacts and Teams so that anyone can book a meeting with you and everyone on your team at the same time. 

Types of Availability for Team Bookable Links

Team Bookable links come with three types of availability for the team meeting. 


Shared Availability

Crosschecks team availability. Book with all participants. Show available times that work for everyone on my team.

Round Robin

Rotates team availability. Book with a single participant. Show available times of one person on my team and then rotate.

Note: Round Robin meeting types require a Saved Link

First Available

Maximizes team availability. Book with a single participant. Show the available times that match anyone on the team.