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5 Best Online Schedulers You Should Consider

Listed here are the 5 best online schedulers that allow you to automate specific tasks, maintain a schedule, and execute complex maintenance routines.

Time is essential, and no one should spend all day scheduling or managing appointments. Online schedulers have made their foray into various domains to help people accurately schedule appointments and save time.

Online instant scheduler tools that make it easy to create meetings with others or allow them to just book in time with you have revolutionized the business world. These tools allow you to automate specific tasks, maintain a schedule, and execute complex maintenance routines without much effort.

Many online schedulers are available today, and the sheer plethora of them makes it easy for the online shopper considering all of the options to be overwhelmed. So how do you pick the best online scheduler with so many options available? To answer this question, we'll discuss our top five picks of online schedulers.

What is an Online Scheduler?

An online scheduler is a web-based tool that allows you to manage your schedule, tasks, and projects. You can create multiple calendars or lists to organize your tasks and ensure they are completed on time.

This tool is great for people who work from home or remotely because it provides a way to keep track of time and stay organized. The online scheduler also helps people with many responsibilities by giving them a central location where they can plan out their day or week.

It's important to note that not all online schedulers are made equal! Some offer more features than others, and some might be more suited to your needs. You must find one that fits your style to get the most out of it.

Why Should You Consider an Online Scheduler for Scheduling Appointments?

Here are the most important reasons why you should consider using an online scheduler:

Improves Alertness

The biggest advantage of an online scheduler is that it improves alertness and no-show rate. In addition, it can send reminders to the customers via email or text message if they forget about their appointment.

Improves Client Satisfaction

An online instant scheduler will improve satisfaction by scheduling appointments instantly and reducing the time a client will spend waiting for one. Some even provide real-time scheduling updates so that your clients know exactly where they stand in the process.

Improves Productivity and Saves Time

Scheduling appointments can take up valuable time. But with an online scheduling tool, you can save the time you'd spend scheduling appointments and use it in a more productive area of your business.

5 Best Online Schedulers You Need to Consider and Why


1. Taggg

Taggg is a web-based appointment scheduling software that allows you to add, edit and manage time slots for appointments. You can use this service for free, but more features will come with a small fee.

It has excellent features like group scheduling, email reminders, Google calendar sync, instant scheduling, bookable links, etc., which makes it an excellent choice for people who want more than just basic scheduling options.

There are just three pricing options for the Taggg online scheduler:

Free: The Taggg Free option allows you to schedule unlimited meetings with a few limitations.

Pro ($6/month or $60/year): The Taggg Pro option is targeted at individuals, allows you to schedule unlimited meetings, and allows you to connect multiple calendars.

Team ($8/month or $80/year): The Taggg Team option gives access to unlimited connections, unlimited meetings, and a company admin portal.



2. HubSpot Meetings Tool

HubSpot Meeting Tools is a robust online scheduler that you can use to schedule meetings and manage calendars. It is free to use and doesn't require a subscription.

It offers features like sharing your calendar with others, viewing it in various ways, adding reminders and location-based alerts, and connecting with other team members.

HubSpot Meeting Tools also integrates with other HubSpot tools, such as Sales, Marketing, and CRM.


3. Appointlet

Appointlet is a free online scheduler that allows business owners to create events, such as appointments and meetings, and invite others to join.

Appointlet is easy to use and has helpful features like scheduling multiple appointments at once, setting up recurring events, and creating custom alerts that notify you when it's time for an appointment or meeting.

Appointlet offers a free basic plan, but it allows access to other features when you pay for a plan:

Premium ($8/Member/Month): Appointlet's premium plan allows automated meeting reminders, hidden meeting types, groups & classes, collaborative hosting, e.t.c.

Enterprise (by Quote): It offers the same features as the free and premium plans, plus more integrations, customization, and meeting features.



4. Doodle

Doodle is a popular online scheduling tool. It's a great way to schedule meetings and events, including virtual ones.

Doodle offers many great features, including a poll feature, a variety of themes & icons for your calendar, and different calendars. Also, you can invite people based on their role or job title and set up recurring meetings to save time when planning events.

Doodle offers a free plan, but the paid plans offer a lot more features:

Pro (6.95/User/Month): This plan is for individual users and removes ads, gives access to unlimited booking pages, unlimited group polls, and unlimited 1:1 meetings.

Team ($8.95/User/Month): This plan allows 5 users and offers the same features as the pro, plus an Admin console, roles and permissions, activity reports, and a book on behalf feature.

Enterprise (By Quote): This plan gives additional features like priority support, single sign-on, onboarding & training, and 99.5% availability SLA.



5. Calendly

Calendly is an online scheduling service that allows salespersons to set up meetings with clients. You can use it for free, but it requires a paid subscription if you want to add more features and customize it.

Calendly offers several features that make setting up and managing appointments with your clients easy. It has an intuitive interface that lets users quickly set up appointments and keep track of them.

The platform also includes features that allow you to sync calendars with other users and send reminders before the meeting starts.

Calendly offers several paid plans:

Essentials ($8/Seat/Month): For individuals who need a powerful automated scheduler.

Professional ($12/Seat/Month): For extra features like customization, integrations, and basic team features.

Teams ($1/Seat/Month): Perfect for Teams that need to align on a scheduling process.

The Best Online Scheduler Overall: Taggg

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