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Group Scheduling: What is it, and How Does it Work?

Know what group scheduling is and how it works, and how you can get the most out of this technique by using our scheduling software, Taggg.

Finding the perfect time to get together can be a nightmare for busy professionals who must regularly meet with multiple members of their team or other large groups. From endless emails and never-ending instant messages among co-workers and stakeholders to awkward polls and voting apps, finding an agreed-upon "best time to meet" can waste valuable time and resources.

Thankfully, group scheduling from Taggg offers users the most optimal way for groups of people to find the best time to meet with just one click.

Say goodbye to endless messages and irritating polls with Taggg's group scheduling, which offers a better way for groups to find a time to meet through group calendar scheduling.

What is Group Scheduling?

No matter what popular online calendar software you and your team use, chances are it cannot instantly connect calendars and schedule group meetings. With Taggg, team members can link their calendars to cross-check availability and find times that work for everyone. This group scheduling calendar feature saves time and resources.


How Does Group Scheduling Work?

Whether you and your team use Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, Taggg's group scheduling calendar software lets you connect with your contacts and their calendars. That will allow you to share each other's availability and experience group scheduling in ways you never thought possible.

Once your calendars are connected, you can create a new meeting or add meeting participants, and Taggg will show you the availability of your meeting participants. Schedule instant group meetings with your team members by picking an available time that works for everyone. After selecting and confirming a meeting time, a new event will be created automatically and shared on everyone's calendars in seconds.

Group scheduling eliminates the annoying process of sending countless messages between contacts and crossing your fingers that you can all agree on a time to meet.

How Do You Schedule Group Meetings Using Taggg?

With Taggg, you will have three flexible group scheduling options to choose from based on the specific needs of your and your contacts.

Taggg's group scheduling options include the following:

Shared Availability: Taggg's group scheduling shared availability option uses group calendar scheduling to cross-check the availability of everyone in your group, book all participants, and show available times that work for all group members.
Round Robin: Round-robin group scheduling uses a group scheduling calendar to rotate group availability and book with a single participant, showing the available times of one individual in your group and then rotating.
First Available: Taggg's first available group scheduling option will maximize group availability and book with a single participant while showing the available times that match anyone else in the group.

Taggg also offers automated group scheduling options for the fastest and most efficient way to schedule meetings. With Taggg's automated group scheduling, add participants, and Taggg will find the earliest and most convenient time to meet!

Who Uses Group Scheduling With Taggg?


With several pricing options to choose from, Taggg has something for everyone. From a basic plan with unlimited meetings at no cost for individuals with a single calendar and team group scheduling memberships that start at $8 a month, businesses and entrepreneurs will surely benefit from the group calendar scheduling service Taggg offers.

Some of the business professionals who find Taggg's group scheduling software helpful include:

Management Level Team Leaders: Taggg gives team leaders the ability to group scheduling options that are fast and flexible.
Administrative Assistants: It isn't easy scheduling groups on behalf of someone else, but with Taggg, group scheduling is a breeze.
Agencies: Taggg's group scheduling software is a favorite among agencies that need to quickly schedule group meetings between team members, clients, and contractors.
Sales Teams: Sale associates love Taggg's embeddable demo calendars, shared availability options, and round-robin group scheduling features.
Customer Service Teams: Whether scheduling onboarding meetings, renewal conversations, or hand-offs between teams, Taggg's group scheduling software is a favorite among CS and CX teams.
Marketers: Schedule sales meetings and demos faster and more efficiently using Taggg's group scheduling calendar features.
Startups: Group calendar scheduling helps you save time by keeping you better connected to your investors, contractors, and team members.
Investment Fund Managers: Group scheduling makes booking meetings with contacts more manageable than ever before.

With Taggg's group scheduling software, you'll never again find yourself lost in an endless loop of emails and Slack messages, desperately trying to find a good time to meet. Taggg's group calendar scheduling features will help you find a time and date that works for everyone.

Learn how to make Taggg's group scheduling work for you for free today! Start Booking Group Meetings Today!

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