Scheduling Standoff: Scheduling Links vs Instant Scheduling

Scheduling links were great….for awhile. Until you realize you're too often still stuck in a scheduling standoff.

When you think of a software that helps you schedule meetings you probably think of Calendly.

They were the first well known software company to come up with an easy way to share a link that lets someone else find a time to meet based on your availability.

This was great….for awhile. 

Until you realize you're too often still stuck in a scheduling standoff:



In fact, there are a lot of problems with sharing scheduling links that you may not even realize:

  • People still often have to send back and forth messages to find times to meet

  • Scheduling a group meeting with 3 or more people is still inefficient. Polls and voting is annoying.

  • It puts all of the effort on the other person. Send them a link with your availability and make them do all the work pulling up and looking at their calendar and back at your listed available times to find something that works for them. Annoying.

  • Has made people used to thinking the scheduling problems they have aren't relevant or there is no better way so they just deal with it.


Lets break these down a bit further..


Sending emails back and forth still


Until I used Taggg I was still emailing my team, or sending Slack messages, to my team, clients and and contractors to find a time to meet.

But why?

Basically, I realized it's usually just someone being lazy. 

But it also shows how Calendly, and other scheduling link softwares, still don't solve this problem fully and are best for booking with one outside party and passive scheduling such as a "schedule a demo" link to share or embed on your website.


Everything breaks with group meetings


Scheduling links quickly breaks down though with any sort of active scheduling with multiple people.

In order to do this with a scheduling link would either have to save and bookmark everyone’s scheduling link (which still doesn't really solve the problem), or, if it was with someone on my internal team, I might blindly book a time on their Google or Outlook Calendar if I had permissions to see their events.

However, the problem with this is they didn’t set their availability, I just was hoping it would work for them because I see an open gap.

This doesn’t consider if they want a minimum notice time before booking a call or buffer times around important meetings etc.

It simply doesn’t work well enough and leads you back to still asking your internal and external team members when they can meet. Make this nonsense stop with Taggg.

Calendly recently released a polling feature to help schedule group meetings, but this just creates a separate set of issues.

Why shouldn't you just connect your calendars to see open availability to find a time that works for everyone without any polling or voting?


Stop putting the effort on someone else


Sharing scheduling links, voting, and polling, simply takes the monkey off your back and puts it on someone else's.

This is why so often if you send someone a scheduling link they don’t even book a meeting and actually respond with “Do these times work for you?”.

They then just put the effort back on your plate and the entire purpose of the scheduling link has been eliminated.

Stop putting all the effort on your teammates and contacts to find a time to meet. 


Most people don’t even know they have a scheduling problem

I’ve noticed that so many people are just used to this concept of sharing their scheduling links that they don’t even realize they have real scheduling problems that are wasting a ton of time and money!


Conclusion & Solution

There needs to be a shift in the meeting scheduling space.

This is especially true for the many people that are actively scheduling meetings with their teammates inside and outside their organization. 

In a way, Calendly has basically brainwashed the scheduling space to think sending a link is the only way to schedule a meeting and has even limited creativity around competitive software as they tend to just copy this same scheduling link approach.

If you have these problems then Taggg can solve them for you.

Give it a try for free and start booking instant meetings with 1, 2, 3 or more people instantly.

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