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Round Robin Scheduling: What is It & How It Benefits Sales Teams

Learn what Round Robin scheduling is, how Round Robin scheduling helps sales teams, and how to work out a Round Robin for your team efficiently.

A common feeling amongst sales teams in many companies is that it’s a dog eat dog world. Everything is cutthroat, and the winner takes all. Think back to the movie Highlander - there can only be one (lead sales team member). Nostalgia aside, Round Robin scheduling is one way of democratizing a sales team so that everyone has an equal opportunity to make sales. In this post we’ll break down:

  • What Round Robin scheduling is
  • How Round Robin scheduling helps sales teams, and 
  • How to work out a Round Robin efficiently

What is Round Robin Scheduling

In essence, Round Robin scheduling is a means of distributing leads equally to team members, with each lead going to the next sales team member on the list. For example, if you have 10 team members and 200 leads, your distribution would give team member number one the first lead, number two the second lead, and so on. At number 11, you go back to team member number one until all 200 leads have been spread across your team members.

The exception to this of course is that if one of your team members can’t take on a lead, you give it to the next team member on the list. You’re not preventing them from getting new leads. You’re just skipping them for a cycle or two (or three!) until they have the time/resources to handle another lead.

How Round Robin Helps Sales Teams

When you use a Round Robin scheduling system, you ensure that leads are distributed evenly among your sales team. Not only will this help prevent any one person from becoming overburdened, but it also ensures that everyone on your sales team is occupied with a lead.


Additional benefits of round-robin scheduling include:

  • Increase your speed to lead: The truth is, when you have a lead, you need to pounce on it as quickly as possible. This is why it’s so important to keep moving down the list if a team member isn’t available to assist them. With more customers having an “I need it NOW mentality,” using round robins will help your sales team get in touch with leads faster than if you left things “up in the air.”
  • Assigning leads holds your team accountable: It’s easy to rest on one’s laurels in sales. This is true regardless of your incentives offered, unfortunately. But, if you constantly assign a fresh lead to a sales team member, they are much more likely to follow through and try to acquire the sale.
  • Round Robins help you manage routing to busy/unavailable reps: People go on vacation. They also take time off work for doctor’s appointments, sick days, and other miscellaneous reasons. Just because someone is out or unavailable, or even working with another lead, doesn’t mean your leads should sit idly in a queue.

How to Work Out a Round Robin

Whether your company is a SaaS business offering product demos, or you simply need a sales team member to walk a potential lead through the sale online, you’re going to need to schedule these digital meetings. Enter Taggg, the easiest means of scheduling meetings.

While you could go about scheduling Round Robins manually, Taggg helps you make the process automatic. With our scheduling software, you can instantly see who on your sales team is available to take a meeting or help a customer with a demo. This way, if someone on your team is busy for any reason, you can instantly skip to the next sales team member. No muss, no fuss. It’s never been easier to automatically schedule lead follow-ups.

Interested in learning more about Taggg? Sign up for a free trial today, and learn just how easy it is to implement round robin scheduling, as well as other types of meetings. With Taggg you will be able to create meetings effortlessly without the endless back and forth that traditionally comes with synchronizing everyone’s calendar.  We can’t wait to serve you, so sign up for your free trial today!


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