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Round Robin Scheduling: What is It & How It Benefits Sales Teams

Learn what round robin scheduling is, how it works, and how it benefits sales teams ultimately boosting your company's bottom line.

Round-robin scheduling is a scheduling system that efficiently distributes sales leads among team members and accelerates lead response times. Whether you operate a SaaS business that offers product demos or cloud eCommerce solutions, or your company simply relies on sales team members to walk potential leads through online sales, scheduling these virtual meetings can be challenging. You probably already recognize, too, that the larger your sales team is, the more of a challenge it is to manage those meetings and your team's schedules.

Enter Taggg, the best software solution for scheduling meetings.

While Taggg offers a full range of personal and group scheduling solutions to benefit businesses and professionals across many industries, Taggg's round-robin group scheduling features democratize sales teams so that every team member has an equal opportunity to make a sale. More importantly, round-robin scheduling accelerates lead response times, keeps teams running more efficiently, and can, ultimately, boost your company's bottom line.

Read on to learn more about round-robin scheduling and how it can work for you. 

What is Round-Robin Scheduling?

Round Robin SchedulingTaggg's round-robin group scheduling feature distributes sales leads equally among team members.

Say there are ten members of your sales team and 200 available leads. Team member one gets the first lead, team member two the second lead, and so on. Next, lead number eleven is distributed to team member one, number twelve to team member two, etc. Sales leads are allocated this way until all leads are distributed throughout the entire team. 

Each sales lead goes to the next team member on the list.

The most important feature of a round-robin schedule is that if one team member cannot take the lead, it is assigned automatically to the next available team member on the list. With this method, the busy team member isn't losing out on new leads; they are just passed over until they have the time or resources necessary to handle another lead.

How Does Round-Robin Scheduling Work?

While round-robin scheduling can be achieved manually, it's always challenging to manage a busy sales team and track everyone's availability. With Taggg's round-robin group scheduling, the process is automatic.

By connecting your team's calendars and using Taggg's scheduling software, you can instantly see who on your sales team is available to take a meeting or help a customer with a demo. With round-robin scheduling, if someone on your team is busy for whatever reason, that team member will be instantly skipped, and the lead will be passed on to the next sales team member.


With Taggg's round-robin scheduling, automatically scheduling lead follow-ups has never been easier or more efficient.

How Can Round-Robin Scheduling Benefit a Sales Team?

A round-robin scheduling system ensures that leads are distributed evenly among your sales team, preventing any single team member from being overburdened with more than their fair share of work while ensuring that everyone is occupied with a lead.

Taggg's round-robin group scheduling feature automatically promotes equal lead distribution, which is a win for you, your sales team, and your customers.

Other benefits of round-robin scheduling include the following:

Round-robin scheduling accelerates response time. Anyone working in sales knows you need to act quickly when you have a lead. That makes Taggg's automatic round-robin scheduling feature, which keeps moving down the list if a team member isn't available to assist the lead, so valuable. With the current "I need it NOW" mentality among consumers, Taggg's round-robin group scheduling feature will help your team make a sales pitch to their leads faster than ever before.
Round-robin scheduling keeps team members accountable. Regardless of what incentives you offer your sales team, keeping them active and engaged can be a challenge. However, with round-robin scheduling, team members are consistently assigned fresh leads, keeping them laser-focused on following through and trying to close the deal.
Round-robin scheduling helps you better manage your sales team. Team members go on vacation, call out sick, or take personal days. However, that doesn't mean that your sales leads should wait. With Taggg's round-robin group scheduling, leads are alwSo,s addressed. So even if one team member is busy working on another lead, round-robin scheduling passes the new lead to the next available team member. Your team never misses a beat.

Learn More About Round-Robin Scheduling With Taggg


If you are interested in learning more about round-robin scheduling and how Taggg can benefit you and your team, sign up to get started for free, and find out just how easy it is to implement round-robin scheduling and other valuable Taggg meeting features. With Taggg, you can effortlessly,ngs effortlessly without the endless back and forth you are experiencing as you try to synchronize your team members' calendars. Get started for free! Start Booking Group Meetings Today!

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