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Introducing Taggg

Learn how to instantly schedule group meetings across multiple dimensions.


Taggg is a group meeting scheduling software that connect’s people’s calendars and overlays them to quickly find available times to meet without needing voting or polling.

Just select meeting participants, pick a time, and book the meeting instantly without any overlap or scheduling conflicts no matter if you use Google or Microsoft as your calendar.



Video Transcript:

Joey runs a growing remote business.

But...sometimes it feels like her whole job is putting out fires instead of getting any meaningful work done.

This time one of Joey's clients is mad because there is a misspelling in their brand guidelines and they're threatening to jump ship.

She needs a meeting ASAP!

But needs to include...her co-founder, who lives in London, her project manager who lives in Texas, and the client, a nomadic super CEO jumping time zones and living off freeze dried cucumbers.

In the old days, she would have coordinated the meeting using emails, DMs, lanterns, but three days and dozens of messages later, she'd still be trying to find a time everyone could meet.

By that time the fire is out of control..the deadline is missed, and the client is furious.

We can send Jeff into space on this...bye Jeff!

But, we still don't have an easy way to schedule meetings with three or more people.

Now Joey uses the future of scheduling, Taggg.

Just add everyone you want to meet with and in one click schedule a time.

Wait, how do you know everyone wants to meet at that time?

Well Taggg allows you to share calendars, cross platform, with contacts inside and outside your company.

Yep, Google and Microsoft.

You can even customize and control your availability for specific contacts and meeting types.

What if my meeting participants don't have a Taggg account?

No problem, Taggg will send a one-click link to them to share their calendar availability.

No voting, no polling.

No more emails, texting, or DMing...lantern-ing?

Works on desktop and mobile.

So, you can book meetings with three, four or more people in seven seconds across multiple dimensions.

If you're human and coordinate meetings with two or more humans, you need Taggg.


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