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Why Your Social Media Marketing Agency Needs a Group Scheduling Solution

Know why social media marketing agencies require a group scheduling solution to help them navigate the dynamic social sphere and manage a crowded workload.


The agency industry is famed for being relentless. High pressure and long working hours combined with a dependence on client whims means that marketing agencies are constantly burned out. 32% of agency staff, whether in media or creative departments, are concerned about their mental health. This number is only rising with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Client and project demands have increased simultaneously with the influx of traffic on social media. This is compounded with concerns over health and threats of layoffs from the economic losses brought about by the pandemic. Work-from-home policies also led to a boom in burnout for a lot  of marketers. This can lead to low morale, drops in productivity, and other concerning effects on office environments.

In times like this, social media marketing agencies and lead generation companies require an additional tool to help them navigate the dynamic social sphere and manage a crowded workload. Order, direction, and stability are crucial and here a group scheduling solution may be just what they need.

Keep reading below to find out why group scheduling solutions may be the key to better employee and agency performance.

There Are A Lot Of People Involved

A social media marketing agency isn’t run by just one single social media publisher or copywriter. It’s a complex team that requires a coordinated effort among multiple talents.

Teams are usually led by a leader or a social media manager. These are essential members who know the brand inside-out, and while their job is to make sure the team functions properly, it can be hard to keep tabs on everyone at the same time. After all, beyond the social media content creators and curators, you have to include roles like the social media community manager, social media advertiser, social media analyst, graphic designer or video editor, influencer marketing manager who helps to find influencers to work with, and many more.

Having a group scheduling solution map out the initial coordination allows leaders to guide each member on a micro level of detail. With that, every member can focus on their task at hand, and it's easier for team leaders to check in and make sure everyone is on track.

You're Managing Diverse Tasks

The reason why agencies need to run multiple teams is because of the many tasks that need doing in order to keep a company running. Strategically creating content, ads, and engaging with the target audience on different social commerce platforms are merely the beginning.

One task can be vastly different from the other but requires coordination all the same. For example, a social media advertiser determines the budget and strategy of every release. This focus on the financial aspect greatly differs from the creative aspect needed from content creators who are responsible for collaborating with the designer.

With respect to strategy, the social media advertiser needs to select the right advertising channel. However, the advertiser needs to make sure that the content matches the demands of the specific platform. Likewise, the content creator needs to have a picture of the advertiser’s expectations.

A group calendar paints the macro picture of the different tasks at hand and more importantly, their relationship with one another. This allows your agency to determine its strengths and weaknesses and mitigate the risk of mistakes by allowing you to review content ahead of time.

Organization Is The Key To Successful Social Media Campaigns

In order to come up with a marketing strategy, you need to analyze your target audience. However, there are more than 3.04 billion active social media users worldwide and more than 70 million businesses have a Facebook page. Maryville University outlines how managing social media marketing accounts can be complex and challenging due to this huge scope and numerous marketing demands continuously changing across different platforms and periods of time.

Yet, when you have a group scheduling solution that consistently organizes the lineup of tasks and activities over a period of time, you start recognizing traces of patterns. This allows agencies to predict trends over 3 months in advance and create detailed, multifaceted campaigns on every platform.

Social Media Is Deadline-Heavy

A multifaceted campaign is key to ensuring the success of social media marketing. Campaigns can take months to prepare, and agencies don't want to miss out on key opportunities for posting or creating content. That's why it's necessary to map this all out in advance.

Deadlines don’t just mean post releases, although they are very important. There are specific window times that have been found to be the optimal posting hours for maximum interaction, and these vary on each social media platform.

Additionally, there's a different process that goes into every release, from analyzing the market, proposing the content, approving, revising, and so on. One setback can affect every other task down the line, and the entire campaign will have to adjust.

A survey from software company Kissflow found that less than 50% of companies complete projects on time. Here, using a project management tool like calendars is advantageous, especially since research by Evinex also reveals that marketers who record their activities are 538% more likely to complete tasks on schedule. Smooth operations need proper scheduling, and by having a calendar, meeting deadlines becomes far easier for teams.

Calendars Improve Posting Consistency

With so many deadlines on hand, maintaining consistency among your releases and activities can be tricky. However, Forbes notes that consistency is key and factors into a lot of social media platforms’ decisions to promote certain content.

Having a shared schedule allows your agency to assess not just external patterns, but also internal ones. What are your team members’ habits? Their working style and availability? How does this affect the schedule of tasking and deadlines in the agency? Group scheduling solutions like Taggg help take note of these internal factors in order to adapt and maximize the external factors accordingly.

The resulting consistency of posts can thereby help increase traffic and audience engagement while formulating a steady work rhythm for the agency. That's why companies using Instagram know the best time to post reels or stories and consistently post at a specific time, which results in increased engagement and traffic.

Remote Meetings Are Easier

Internal and external patterns are now established with group scheduling software. As we wrote about in our post on ‘Remote Meetings: How to Book a Meeting & Run It’, the connected schedule of activities extends to an instantaneous calendaring of remote meetings, which is exactly what Taggg is able to do.

Remote meetings are necessary for connecting remote teams. This minimizes miscommunications and fosters a welcoming team environment. Gone is the need for voting or polling: with group scheduling solutions, the software finds the perfect schedule for everyone.

Group Scheduling Saves Time

With all that said, it's clear that tools like group calendars reduce unnecessary mistakes and setbacks while promoting clear coordination. This saves valuable time for the agency. Consistent research also shows that this improves employee productivity as well by providing them with more time to focus on clients, customers, or being out in the community.

Proper scheduling equals efficiency across the organization, cost savings, and of course, employee satisfaction. The benefits of group scheduling solutions make it an effective answer to any threat of burnout among marketing agencies.

By embracing this group scheduling tech and skilfully immersing it into your workflows, your social media marketing agency is sure to stand out from competitors and prep and complete campaigns with great success.

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