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The Product Angle Show: Scheduling Group Meetings with the Taggg Team

Checkout the Taggg team in this episode of The Product Angle Show and hear our journey so far and how we look at scheduling group meetings.

Checkout the Taggg team in this episode of The Product Angle Show! We get interviewed about why we started Taggg, hare our journey so far and how we look at scheduling group meetings.

By the end of the episode, you’ll learn about:
– How the Taggg team was formed.
– Taggg’s approach to user research.
– Onboarding Taggg’s first users.

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Hi there, I’m Trevor 👋 I’m one of the founders of Taggg. In this article, founder stories Q&A getting ready to launch Taggg we go behind the scenes. We’ll share how we are building and thinking about a go-to-market strategy for Taggg.

What is Taggg and who are the founders?

Who are the founders of Taggg?
Nichole, Aaron, and I are the three co-founders.

How did you all meet?
We met organically through working together on different SaaS projects and growing our client’s products together.

What are the roles you all play in creating Taggg?
We each wear many hats as you can imagine, however, we could group our primary roles as:

  • Aaron takes on user onboarding and customer engagement.
  • Nichole takes on the acquisition and getting the word out right now.
  • Trevor is the product manager and technical advisor and works directly with the development team.

What is Taggg?
Taggg is a software specifically designed to make scheduling group meetings easy.

The Ideation Phase

Who came up with the idea for Taggg?
It is my concept and was born out of the constant issue of scheduling meetings with clients, the Inturact team, and 3rd party contractors that each have different calendars and oftentimes use different calendar software.

Walk us through the thinking behind the problem/ creating value for users?
We leveraged the JTBD framework to uncover unmet needs within the space and come up with the top 3 needs in the space to concentrate our initial product development around:

  1. Minimize the effort when deciding what meeting times to suggest to multiple people
  2. Reducing the time it takes to reschedule canceled meetings
  3. Minimizing the effort to schedule meetings from your mobile device

As of now, we are concentrating wholly on #1 we will work on #2 and #3 after finalizing the core of the product with #1. We are solving this problem by leveraging what we call “calendar overlays” and letting multiple users see availability overlaid against their calendar to find times to meet that work for all parties.

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