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Why we created Taggg

Scheduling meetings as an entrepreneur has always been frustrating. There has to be a better way we thought.

Scheduling meetings as an entrepreneur has always been frustrating. Before the days of calendar links it was far worse, but they still didn't solve many of the problems we face when needing to schedule meetings with teammates, contractors, clients, investors and many times a mix of all of them in a single meeting. 

Scheduling group meetings quickly was still a huge issue.

There was still the old back and forth in emails leading to frustration, time lost and sometimes even meetings lost when they just fail to get booked if everyone's calendars seem too full at the time. 

There has to be a better way we thought. 

To give a bit more context here are the founders and some insight into why each of us wanted to build a new solution that finally solved the woes surrounding scheduling meetings no matter what the scenario.


Our Meeting Scheduling Woes



Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré:

As a SaaS consultant, I mostly work with international clients and we’re always calculating time zones and there’s so much back and forth around doing that. It’s especially confusing when daylight savings time is changing and the day that it changes isn’t the same across the globe. I’m so excited for the convenience that Taggg will bring when it comes to no longer having to make these calculations.



Aaron Krall:

I must have dozens of meetings a week, often meetings with 3-5 people in different time zones who are extremely busy. Sending an email asking: "What times work for all of you" was a nightmare of back and forth that took days (weeks sometimes) get schedule a meeting. We built Taggg to eliminate this pain and to make booking meetings with 3 or more people as easily as clicking one button.



Trevor Hatfield:

Working with many companies and contractors has led to a constant struggle of finding a time for multiple parties to meet online. I tried other solutions that use polling but they were not very effective and most of the time not solely focused on B2B and often come across as unprofessional. As a software growth consultant I wanted to solve this problem in an elegant way and rethink how every other meeting tool has booked meetings. Since the day I have started working on Taggg I find myself wishing I had it at least 5 times per week.


How do you use your calendar?

After creating Taggg we have learned a lot about how people schedule meetings and more importantly how they use their calendar.

Many times people use their calendar events for things like creating tasks, reminders, or blocking off times so they don't get booked by one of their calendar links.

We realized no one was thinking outside the box to really solve the meeting scheduling problem and how they are using their calendar creatively to solve problems is one clue to the puzzle. 


A better way to schedule meetings

So, with this information in hand we set off to create a more natural way to solve these problems through allowing you to connect with your network and their calendar in a more intimate way in order to quickly and effectively find a time to meet no matter if it is with one person or ten. 

We invite you to try Taggg and see how it can save you time and frustration in scheduling meetings in a way you have never experienced before. 

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