Common questions

When is Early Access available?

Right now we in private beta with a silent public beta release in 2021. Taggg will be released incrementally to early adopters and will then open up gradually for a full public beta release in January 2022.

What is a BookNow⚡ Meeting?

The BookNow⚡ feature allows you to instantly book 1:1 or group meetings with contacts and teams by crosschecking all parties calendar availability and only displaying the available times to schedule a meeting. When a time is selected a meeting immediately gets scheduled on all parties calendars.

Note: In order to use the BookNow⚡ feature you must first be "connected" to the contact and set your availability that you would like to be crosschecked when finding an open time. All Teams automatically have the BookNow⚡associated with them.

What is a Group Meeting?

Within Taggg a Group Meeting is a meeting that contains 3 or more participants. When creating a group meeting all participants calendars will be crosschecked to find the earliest time to meet.

What is a Bookable Link?

With a Bookable Link you can create a shareable meeting link that allows anyone to book with you or your team.